Repairing Kerbed Alloys On A Budget

It really doesn’t matter how good a driver you are or think you are. Everyone once in a while has accidentally hit the kerb in their car. Often times you don’t think much of it until you get home and see the damage to your once shiny alloy wheels. Our first thought is how much money is it going to cost to get it professionally repaired?

Taking it to a professional workshop that specialises in alloy wheel refurbishment in Leicester will, of course, get you the best results.

If you don’t want to fork out any money and have the time to do it yourself, then for light damaged wheels, a counter repair kit will help.

Most DIY wheel repair kits will contain sandpaper, primers, paint and some will also come with some sort of lacquer or sealer. These kits are not a magic potion, it will require some elbow grease, patience and time. As with any painting project, the preparation stage typically dictates the overall quality of the finished job. Rush through the process and you will have a poor finish with paint runs and visible lumps and bumps.

Alloy wheels on a car can really make the car stand out and make a unique statement. If a car’s alloy wheels are damaged, it can degrade the appearance of the car. With the cost being over £250 on average to repair 4 wheels, most buyers will shy away from buying a vehicle that has corroded or scuffed alloy wheels. It goes without saying that selling a car is a lot easier with alloy wheels that are in exceedingly good condition.

Let us preface this once again. A DIY repair kit is for light damage only. If you’ve hit a kerb at some force, you may not be able to tell if your alloy was bent in the process. If it is visibly bent or you are unsure, it would be best to get it looked at from a professional perspective. A professional alloy wheel company will be able to look at your alloy from a digital perspective and tell if it’s out of shape.

Most local alloy wheel repair workshops will be able to repair and refurbish four alloy wheels back to looking like new in just one day. That of course providing on their daily workload.

If you have a top of the range vehicle, you may be doing it a diss service if you opt for the DIY repair option. Having a classy car requires professional hands to look after it.

As an alloy wheel repair specialist, we repair and refurb hundreds of wheels per week. The majority of our work comes from car repair garages. The most common cause of damage for an alloy wheel is potholes.

Damage from potholes can be fixed but there are cases when damage from a pothole can render the wheel irreparable. Potholes can knock wheels out of alignment and can also cause slow punctures. If you’ve hit a kerb or pothole it would be the safest option to get the wheel checked over by a professional.

Professional alloy wheel repair companies have a workshop to handle wheel repair on an industrial scale. We strip off any excess paint and residues by lowering the wheel into a chemical bath.

We then look at the structure of the wheel. We want to make sure it’s not bent or has cracks. Any cracks or areas of corrosion are treated and after a thorough cleaning process, the wheel is primed, checked once again and then baked at very high heat before the lacquer is applied and the wheel is again baked.

If you have extensive alloy wheel damage, give our workshop a call, even if it’s just for advice, we’re here to help you.