The Advantages and Disadvantages of Powder Coating Alloy Wheels

Motor vehicles for many years had steel wheels and hubcaps to make them more visually appealing. The use of aluminium or magnesium alloy wheels was originally only seen on the most expensive and sporty cars. It was not widely used because it was expensive.

The production of alloy wheels took off when they became mass-produced, and they started being used on an increasing number of cars. Today, they are usually fitted to all cars apart from very basic models, but powder coating has made them come in a range of different colours and become more resilient.

So what exactly is powder coating?

powder coating an alloy wheel

About Powder Coating

In general, aluminium alloy wheels are painted grey as a final coating to give them some protection. This is accomplished by applying a thick coat of lacquer to the aluminum wheels. It allows the aluminium to show through without sacrificing too much of the car’s visual appeal. It’s an aesthetically pleasing solution that doesn’t detract too much from the form & colour of your vehicle.

As more and more car owners look to personalise and customise their vehicles, the wheels are becoming a popular area of the car to change the colour of. Refurbish alloy wheels with powder coating quickly and cheaply.

Powder coating has been a popular choice for over 40 years due to its durability and it’s a smart investment. Powder coating is a great solution that offers long-term protection and good value.

Powder coating is a dry finishing process, not a painted one. The paint is made from small particles of pigment and resin that are electrostatic-ally charged. The particle has an opposite charge, is attracted to the surface of the object, and clings to it. The charged powder particles are attracted towards the part and stay there until they are melted and fused together. This results in an even coating after being baked.

Powder coating is a more expensive process that gives a thicker and more resilient protective coating with a uniform surface that is resistant to lots of different types of damage. Painting an alloy wheel can provide an entire new look, but it also risks damaging the surface of the wheel. Powder coating an alloy wheel is way better than painting an item because doesn’t risk harming the it..

Powder Coating Advantages

It doesn’t allow liquids to pass through, even if it is exposed to paint and other chemicals. Even if there is moisture present on the outer layer, it never makes its way into the aluminum. Powder coating is a cost-effective and durable solution to the ‘bubbling’ that paint finishes can suffer from.

Powder coating is a hard, durable paint that can last up to three times as long as other paints and lacquer.

The powder coating’s electrostatic properties attach it to the surface in an even layer so it has a consistent surface finish when it’s baked. There’s also no risk of spills running on the surface, either.

The process becomes quicker. When the wheel has been thoroughly prepped, application and curing times are much shorter than what is required by traditional paint & lacquer painting. The application and curing of the product are the only work that needs to be done.

The powder coating technique can be applied to multiple wheel materials. You can use different metals, such as steel and stainless steel, as well as aluminium alloys.

Powder Coating Disadvantages

If you need the latest gloss to go over intricate designs on your wheel, this product will dull down the effect and may fill in small areas completely. Furthermore, because the powder coating is relatively thick and covers the wheel, problems may arise due to it removing some of the clarity of your wheels.

Low profile tyres tend to lose air faster than other types, because the rubber edge strip at the bottom of the tyre cannot get close enough to the wheel rim.

The pricing structure is potentially less favourable for small projects, as they may be required to pay the same hourly rate that a larger project would. A supplier might charge you more if they can’t paint something with that colour or if it’s a small batch. That is because smaller batches are expensive due to the cost of raw materials and labour required to produce them.

Touching up the paint on your powder coated rims can be tricky, so if you’ve got some small areas that need refreshing, it’s actually better to take the whole paint job back to its original state and start fresh than try to do tiny touchups.