Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair

diamond cutting alloy wheelsWe offer two different types of wheel refurbishments. Powder coat refinishing is the most popular one, but diamond cut finishing is now becoming increasingly popular as well. A lot of cars have diamond cut wheels.

Difference Between Diamond Cutting and Powder Coating

We are able to reproduce this finish for your wheels. Diamond cutting takes longer and require precision because they cannot be repaired like a powder coated wheel can. Touch up kits are not suitable for using on lathes, as they require sanding beforehand.

Corrosion of the diamond cut wheels is very common which can lead to an unsightly appearance. Applying lacquer to a surface will have little effect as gravity is difficult to defy. It’s hard to obtain an effective finish on shiny surfaces. Small chips in the paint can get moisture behind the lacquer and cause it to get cloudy. In time, the lacquer may deteriorate.

Diamond cutting involves removing a layer of metal from the wheel and relies on superior lathing equipment to maintain the wheel’s longevity. Too much metal would eventually be removed from the wheel, though it can be restored a limited number of times. Powder coating may be a more favourable wheel refurbishment process for you.

With our custom-built diamond cutting machine, you’ll be able to get the best quality finish for your wheels and a very fast turnaround time.

The Process

Diamond cutting can target the wheel’s surface and rims. A base coat can have good aesthetic benefits for the final appearance of a paint application.

We will give the wheel a shiny finish by removing the painted layer. A small section of the wheel is shaved off to expose new metal. After that it is covered with lacquer to avoid rusting.

The appearance of your diamond-cut wheel may vary depending on the quality, age and condition. Diamond cutting can only be carried out on specific wheels. Our Wheel Specialist will let you know if this is possible.

How Long Does A Diamond Cut Finish Last?

Diamond cut wheels are more susceptible to corrosion than powder coated wheels. Any damage to the protective layer can cause moisture to leak into the metal, which may cause corrosion. This is indicative of the wheel’s surface. If you have a question just speak to your our specialist alloy wheel technician.

Can A Wheel Be Diamond Cut Many Times?

The repair process of a diamond cut wheel can only be done several times, but the technician will only cut the wheel if they feel it contains enough material to be repaired. If they don’t feel the wheel is strong enough, they’ll give you a powder coat finish as an option.

Our workshop technicians will assess each wheel individually. If you know the wheel has been repaired at some point in the past, that information should be shared with the technician.