Alloy Wheel Rim Leak Repair

Rim leaks are a difficult problem to fix. Even if you manage to find a workshop willing to help, it might prove hard for them to sort out the issue without damaging your wheel in the process.

Avoiding Further Wheel Damage

To avoid this, make sure that you check for rim leaks regularly and seek the assistance of a qualified wheel repair technician as soon as possible. Simply fixing the tyre’s position on the wheel doesn’t fix the leak.

The issue will come back until you diagnose and repair the root cause.

repairing rim leaks

Causes of Rim Leak

Breaks in the metal around the tyre bead indicates corrosion of the material. The factory should have applied paint to these areas so they would be less likely to corrode. Exposure to compressed air moisture can lead to corrosion of the wheel metal, which can affect the total tightness and pressure of a tyre.

Our Solution

To fix a leaky rim, we remove the tyre and blast the inner rim to expose the bare metal then apply a coat of 2K anti-corrosion paint. Once the paint cures, we apply tyre bead sealer to seal this layer. We then change the original valve with a new valve prior to fitting your tyre and putting your wheel on our balancing machine.

With a 10 out of 10 success rate, our rim repair technician will get the job done fast and without any need for replacement. Our warranty is rock-solid if you’re not sure about spending the money for this service.